Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dan's Camping Trip

When Dan was 5 days old, Grandpa Mark arranged an amazing camping trip in our BASEMENT for Dan. I knew something was going on, because it seemed like everyone was up to something that day! They were trying to be sneaky.. hehehe. Grandpa came upstairs and said we had to get our "camping" clothes on. (I was still very post-baby) but managed to squeeze into my camo capris. (Note: Dan was already 5 days old and his mom had still not washed her hair yet, because she was with him 24/7!) I dressed Dan in a brown and white onesie that had a bear on it :) and some little brown pants, and some brown and white socks. It was the perfect camping outfit for Dan. :) We have a projector in our basement, so from youtube we were able to project a video of a campfire!! Our basement looked completely different -- like the great outdoors! There were also some strange looking animals down there.. hehe. I was still pretty sore so it was hard for me to sit and relax and enjoy myself. Im pretty sure Dan loved it though! He got to eat down there and hang out with his adoring family.

This video is hilarious. Thanks to Uncle Nash for filming it. Dan's eyes are REALLY wide open in it!He must have been really excited to go camping.  I love how you can here Grandpa Mark in the backgroud saying "You need to have camping apparel on" haha. FYI, Gpa Mark is wearing that mask because he had a really bad cough :)

Dad, Uncle Nash and Mom w/Dan. (notice the rug with the LEAVES, the sleeping bag, the camping chairs, the TREES, the strange pink and orange animal, the purple rabbit!!)


Dad, Mom, Grandma K and Grandpa M w/ Dan at the campsite! (Our little cooler is by Tyler's feet and there were even drinks in it!! Notice G-ma K's camping hat!!)

Dan's camping outfit!!

Mom and Dad w/Dan CAMPING! :)

We are so thankful for all the wonderful memories we have of Dan. We love him and miss him so much.

"When someone you love becomes a memory, that memory becomes a treasure."

2011 Intermountain Healing Hearts - Heart Walk and Angel Ceremony

Saturday we participated in the IHH heart walk and Angel Ceremony. It was so fun! The park in Provo that is was at was beautiful. The weather was great! Our family made tie dye shirts in honor of Dan. They were bright and colorful and just fun! It was a 1 mile awareness walk to raise money for IHH. I think they had a pretty good turn out. It was so nice to meet some of the other Angel moms I have been talking to over the last few months. It was nice to meet the other Heart moms too! IHH is such a great organization and they have helped me so much. The angel ceremony was very touching. We were able to remember Dan and we released a monarch butterfly for him! It was so beautiful!! Here are some pics from Saturday!! We love you and miss you Dan!!

Our group with our tie dye and the angel poster I made for Dan!!
Grandma and Grandpa Wynn, Grandma and Grandpa Jones, Auntie Daylan, Auntie Rilee, Aunt Tammy, Jen & Trinity!

Mommy and Daddy miss you and love you so much Dan!

Rilee made the Hearts on our tie dye shirts! Thanks Aunt Rilee!!

The backs of our shirts say "Dan's Mom" and "Dan's Dad"

Auntie Daylan and I

Jen & Trinity

After we released the butterfly.. it is down in the grass


Friday, September 9, 2011


Tomorrow my family and I are participating in the IHH Heart Walk. We are really excited, because Daniel will be honored in the Angel Ceremony following the walk. We tie dyed shirts and they say "Miracle Dan" on the front. Pictures soon to come!